How Easy Is It to Roll a Blunt Yourself?

How Easy Is It to Roll a Blunt Yourself?

Sure, you could purchase a blunt at the store, but it’s so much more satisfying to do it yourself! Learn how to roll a blunt on your own here.

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We’ve all been there, sitting next to someone as they roll a blunt, only to be marveled by their skillful artistry. The truth is that everyone has the ability to get that good, and the ritual of rolling is not a well-guarded secret. Would you like to learn how to make your next puff a tiny masterpiece?

Today, we are going to unwrap the key to rolling up your next blunt. As you read on, you will learn enough to get your rolling skills up to a much better standard. So, pick up your tools, and let’s get started.

The Traditional Method

The process of hand-rolling blunts has been a mainstay of the cannabis community for decades. It offers a personal touch to your experience and allows you to customize your cigars a little bit more. To do this, you will need to understand the fundamental rolling skills so you know which rules you can and cannot break.

With enough practice, this skill will give you a real sense of accomplishment. You may even be the type of person that others look to when they want their own blunt, giving you a good reputation.

Choosing a Strain

Before you start, you need to pick a cannabis strain that matches what you want to get out of it. We all know there are sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties, but do you know what the effects of each one are?

As you continue to enjoy smoking marijuana, you will also start to find you discover specific brands of cannabis you prefer. If you want to know more about them, though, you can always talk to your local dispensary to get the lowdown on what is popular.

Preparing the Weed

Nobody wants to put an unprepared bud into their blunt. You need to start but grinding it down so that it burns well. Using a grinder or another tool, grind the weed down to a uniform consistency.

While you need a uniform grind, do not make it too fine. This mistake can lead to a very tight roll and not allow air through. 

After grinding, remove any stems and seeds you find as these can tear the wrap, ruining the experience. You may also want to leave the ground product for a short time to “cure”, although this will depend on your personal preferences.

Choosing a Blunt Wrap

Much like the cannabis itself, different blunt wraps can give you wholly different experiences. The thickness of what you hold the blunt together with can impact the burn rate of the cigar.

You may even want to investigate fancier wraps, such as flavored papers. These can hide the taste of the weed if you or others are not a fan, or complement it to create a whole new taste.

One Wrap or Two?

Most of the time, you will want to use a single wrap. This is the traditional method of rolling and is usually plenty to ensure you get the experience you need.

If you choose to layer up, it can help with stability and offer a slower burn. This is useful if you are rolling an oversized blunt or if you want a longer experience in general. You should also ensure these wraps are at least a little moist, but not sticky, to prevent them from cracking.

Setting Up the Rolling Station

Prepare a flat, clean, well-lit surface to roll the wrap on. Ensure you have everything ready, and set it aside to pick up when needed. We would also recommend you have a small tool for cleaning up stray weed, such as a brush, to prevent wastage.

Time to Roll a Blunt

Start by laying the blunt wrap flat in one hand, then pick up some of the ground cannabis and spread an even distribution along its length. Try to make a small bulge in the center, as this will be where the strongest hit is. After laying down the weed, use your thumbs and index fingers to rock the wrap back and forth and start to shape it into a cylinder.

Then, perform the “tuck and roll”. This involves taking the edge of the wrap closest to you and using your thumbs to “tuck” it over the weed, rolling it to capture the weed within the wrap.

Sealing the Blunt

Sealing a cannabis cigar starts with licking along the edge of the wrap that will lie over the cylinder. This will mix with materials in the paper and create a glue-like adhesive. You can then roll the licked edge over, applying soft pressure the secure it without squeezing it too hard.

The last thing you should do is run a lighter under the seam of the blunt. This will help to dry the saliva and seal the adhesive you created. Do not hold the lighter there too long, though, as you do not want to start the burning process.

Finishing It Off

Allow the blunt to sit for a minute or two. This will allow the adhesive to set and prevent the blunt from unraveling when you use it.

During this time, you can also check the ends to ensure the cigar is not uneven or does not have too much wrap. If necessary, twist one end a little more to prevent its contents from falling out.

As you will need to smoke it eventually, one end should be open to the air. If you need to create an airway, you can use a small tool to pack away any cannabis sticking out and create a neater end.

Common Rolling Issues and Solutions

There are many problems that might come up during rolling. These are some of the more common ones and simple solutions to help you overcome them in the future.

Blunt Integrity Failure

If the blunt starts to fall apart as you smoke it, this may not be an issue with the cigar itself. If you overhandle it, even when passing it around, it can start to loosen as you move its internal structure.

So, try not to handle the blunt too much after you have put it together. As for your current cigar, you can try to patch it with an extra piece of wrap if this will not ruin it. Another option is to transfer the remaining weed to a whole new wrap and try again, though this will take some time.

Uneven Burning

This problem is often because the cannabis on the inside is packed either too tight or too loose. In the future, try to grind the cannabis to be much more even and distribute it along the wrap so there are no areas where it is tighter.

With your current cigar, slowly rotate the blunt as you smoke it to put the slow-burning side on the bottom. The cigar’s smoke will then naturally slow the oxygenation of the higher side.

If one side still burns too fast, moisten your finger a little and dab the “fast” side with it. The heat will then have to evaporate the moisture before continuing, allowing the sides to even out.

Cracked Blunts

If your wrap is too dry, it might develop small cracks that allow the weed to escape. This is a common occurrence in hot, arid, or low-humidity areas, or rooms with a dehumidifier.

To start with, you should store your blunt paper in airtight containers. This, much like with food, will prevent moisture from escaping and help you to have a fresh experience every time.

Another reason for cracked blunts is being too rough with the papers. If you bend them too far, or too fast, they are more likely to break. A way to prevent this is to keep the blunts at body temperature in a pocket or run a lighter flame over the wrap before rolling it to warm it up.

You don’t need to put anything in the oven or microwave, though, despite what some well-known cannabis users might say.

Difficult to Draw Through

Breathing in through the blunt should not be too hard. Overpacking a cannabis cigar can compress it, though, making it harder for air to get through and thus difficult to smoke.

To solve this, use something like a pen or stick to pack the cannabis down. As it has a smaller surface area than your finger, it is less likely to compress the cannabis as much. This will give you a better draw.

If you already have a tight blunt, though, use the tool differently. Pull it apart with the object to create a small airway along the length of the cigar. While it might pack down a little again once you roll it, it is likely to stay a little more separated while you enjoy it.

Get Down to Business

Remember that when you roll a blunt you are not only putting together a simple cigar. Instead, you are creating experiences for yourself and others.

Here at Sacred Bloom, we work every day with this on our minds. This is why we have several of the finest strains and highest-quality tools to make your cannabis experience all the better.

Want to know more? Check out our shop and learn how we can help you have an extraordinary weed adventure today.

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