"It all came out of a glass pipe"


Glass background

I graduated college in 1991, the focus of my study being glass blowing. 

After I finished up at Art with College, I went on to travel around the country to study my craft. I landed in Penland North Carolina at the Penland School of Glass.

Went on to work at the Isle of Wight glass company off the southern coast of England, where I spent six months studying glass masters and perfecting my craft.


Glassblowing studio dream

I wanted to build a glassblowing studio in upstate New York. In order to fund my dream, I worked as a chef in New York City and saved as much money as I could. When the opportunity arise, I opened a glassblowing studio in a small town called Pittsfield. For around three years I traveled around to different craft shows to sell my products and to meet other crafters, and exchange ideas and knowledge. 

One day a young man came into my shop and asked me to make him a glass pipe. I looked at it, studied it for a while, and that was the beginning. 


Hand-crafted glass and smoke shops

The start of designs by Pyramid, INC. I became the owner of a company that distributed glass pipes and bongs to several thousand pipe shops throughout America. Back then, only three of us in companies did this sort of distribution. 

Everything was made in-house, packed, and shipped out to the different stores

I moved my company and glass-blowing equipment over to Oneonta New York. I operated for several years as a glassblower and throughout that time began to build retail glass. Smoke shops, known as Exscape.


Liberation finally came

As we know, cannabis was illegal for a great many years, so I did the next best thing and made all the accessories. In the back of my mind, I always hoped that cannabis would become legal for sale. 

Guess what, that day has come! 


Beginning of Sacred Bloom

I decided to start a legal cannabis retail store. Sacred Bloom is a name standing behind an ever-present cannabis role in the spiritual world of mankind. A Bloom that elevates consciousness to higher planes and gives many answers to those who dare to ask the right questions.

I am part of a social equity program in New York, known as CAURD. This program was designed to help people socially impacted by the illegal drug trade of marijuana in New York. 

Cannabis has always been a big part of my life and now I have a legal cannabis retail store, owned and operated with that being the primary product.


My dream has now come true.

For any suggestions, comments or inquries,
feel free to send us a message!


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Sacred Bloom

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