How High Can You Go?: A Guide to Strong Weed Strains to Try in 2023

The types of cannabis strains being grown have dramatically diversified through the years. Learn about strong weed strains to try in 2023 here.

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Whether you are a new weed user or a long-time veteran, it can sometimes be overwhelming to walk into a busy dispensary. No, I’m not talking about the great smell of fresh cannabis, but the huge variety of different options on display. As an enthusiast, how do you filter out which are the strong weed strains you might want to buy, and which are best for your tastes?

Dive into the following to learn more about some of the stronger options available this year, as well as what makes them so desirable. When you finish reading, you can also find more information to discover potent cannabis strains at the bottom of this article.

Strong Sativa Strains

Of all the types of weed strains, sativa strains are more well-known for their uplifting effects. This makes them perfect for use either during the day or in lighthearted and social settings among others who accept it.

They often have a higher THC content than other strains, meaning you can expect to have a little more energy when using them. This can often lead to better creative output compared to Indica or hybrids, which can tend to mellow you out and reduce short-term ambition.

Some of the stronger and more unique options include:

Durban Poison

This South African strain is one of the most distinctive options in the sativa species of strong cannabis strains. It has become very popular due to its potency, despite the negative connotations of the name.

When taking it, you can often expect a clear-headed and positive mood, often described as a “buzz”. It may make you feel more alert, and you can expect to be more willing to engage with creative projects. Many people use it to help them think while trying to produce different forms of media, such as writing or drawing.

Due to its high levels of THC, the effects of Durban Poison can sometimes last for several hours. As such, if you wish to focus on a specific project, you can use it at the start and expect its impact to continue for a while.

Ghost Train Haze

The dense buds of this powerful strain are very popular among cannabis enthusiasts due to the high levels of THC they contain. Much like Durban Poison, it can trigger a strong high that lasts for several hours, so the differences instead lie in their flavor profiles. It has a citrusy taste that can even seem sweet, which lies in contrast to Durban Poison’s more spicy tones.

While not prescribed for use during depression, some users have indicated a benefit when suffering from low moods. Due to its ability to make users feel as though they have more energy, it can often encourage people to act when they would otherwise not. This can allow people to exercise, be creative, or engage in other activities that can push back negative feelings.

Despite these benefits, new users should be a little more wary of Ghost Train Haze. Its potent THC levels of 30% of its mass can mean a very strong hit that might be too much for novices.

Green Crack

This option used to have the name “Cush”, but when the lyrics of Snoop Dogg spoke about “Green Crack”, it pushed this strain to rebrand into the name it now has. He chose this name due to the cannabis strain’s immense effects, making it very fashionable for a long time.

Much like the other options in Sativa, it can offer boosts to artistic expression and a drive to create. This mood can even appear as euphoria in some people, depending on how much they take.

As potent as Green Crack is, it has a slightly more woody taste than the other options on this sativa list. This is a polarizing flavor, and you may need to try it before you decide whether you like it or not.

Strawberry Cough

It’s not just a name. This strain is famed for its fruity and light taste, which has made it a favorite of many sweet-toothed cannabis users. It is recognizable from its fresh aroma and is much more pleasant for other people in the same area.

Many people also describe Strawberry Cough as having a much more balanced, if positive, high. It has less of the energizing buzz as other options, and as such is enjoyable without feeling like you need to always be doing something. This is much better for those who want to chill.

Strong Indica Strains

Compared to other types of weed strains, indica options tend to offer more of a relaxing mood and are great to buy if you do not intend to be active. Whereas sativa speeds up the brain, indica slows down the body because of its stronger CBD levels. This makes it perfect for an evening indoors with others who might not need to be always chatting.

Godfather OG

Alongside THC levels reaching almost 30% of their net weight, they also have a strong CBD effect. This can empower the ability of someone to relax, often meaning people use it as a sleep aid. Some people suffering from insomnia mention it as a useful tool, though this is not universal.

Godfather OG also has one of the richer flavors of all the other strains in this list. It has a spicy taste, with slight pine notes, less citrusy than other options.

Granddaddy Purple

Also known as GDP, this strain is instantly recognizable from its color. Its plant has a purple, sparkly hue, making its visual style what makes it stand out compared to other strong cannabis strains. The plant even has what people often describe as a grape-like taste, giving it an all-round ‘purple’ identity.

While it is a very calming option, people often desire GDP due to its ability to both relax as well as elevate its user’s mood. This closes the gap between indica and sativa plants, making it one of the few “mid-point” strains.

Kosher Kush

You can’t get much better than an award-winning cannabis brand, and Kosher Kush boasts many such achievements. It has been entered into, and won several competitions over the years, including:

  • 2010 High Times Indica Cannabis Cup
  • 2011 High Times Indica Cannabis Cup
  • 2011 High Times Best Strain
  • 2012 Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup (2nd place)
  • 2012 High Times Indica Cannabis Cup
  • 2014 Best Indica by a Seed Company
  • 2018 Highlife Cup (2nd place)

It is unsurprising, as with both a deep and calming, relaxing effect, as well as a rich and earthy smell, it can overtake one’s senses in a positive way. 

MK Ultra

People buy this fast-acting strain when they know they are going to be in a rush to get a strong high, or if they are impatient. It has a very powerful impact on the body that comes on fast, making it great for people who want to couch-lock and not much else. Many people use it to break through their stress, powering through their evening after a tough day.

Along with this sudden effect, it also invokes tangy and even sweet flavors, though you may be past that as soon as the effect strikes.

Strong Hybrid Strains

Over the years, many types of marijuana strains have emerged that mix both the effects of sativa and indica strains. Some are more dominant one way or the other, but the intent is often to get a purer hit with fewer side effects.

The strongest options on the market are often the result of decades of breeding, making them well-documented for their results.

Bruce Banner

This variant often receives the description of “packing a punch”, in part due to its superhero namesake. Despite this, it does not go on too long.

Using this strain will often mean you have a short burst of uplifting and energetic euphoria. After this, you can expect a long journey throttling back into relaxation.

Girl Scout Cookies

Despite being on this list of strong marijuana strains, this option is not known for its effects so much as its flavor. Much as the name suggests, “Girl Scout Cookies” has a sweet taste that has hints of mint, lemon, and other delectable items. It goes alongside the lighthearted buzz you can get from this strain and, in general, makes it a casual experience.

Gorilla Glue #4

This sticky option is a well-balanced cannabis strain that does not skimp on either relaxation or creative euphoria. In some, this can mean a positive experience creating and relaxing. Be warned, though, for others, it could couch-lock you while you do little more than think about all the things you would do if you wanted to move.

Strong Weed Strains to Try in Binghamton

With a better knowledge of some of these options, you can now start to investigate which ones you prefer. If you are in the Binghamton area, we can also give you a helping hand in finding the best strong weed strains. While we may not have some of the above, we instead stock a wide variety of other strong options.

Our staff have expert knowledge of the different options when it comes to weed strains and what different customers might like. So, come to our store, talk to us about your preferences, and pick out your next experience today.


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