Cannabis Edibles vs Smoking High: Your Complete Guide to Good Feels

Cannabis Edibles vs Smoking High: Your Complete Guide to Good Feels

You can get various levels of high from edibles and smoking. Get your complete guide to the high of cannabis edibles vs smoking high versions here.

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Ever been floored by a particularly intense cannabis high, or just left floating on a gentle euphoria? Whether it’s a vivid mental journey or a mellow chill-out you’re after, the choice between edibles and smoking can make all the difference.

The edibles vs smoking high debate isn’t just about preference. It’s about the kind of experience you want to embrace. A titillating edible can unravel its magic slowly, while a smoked strain might hit you with an immediate zing.

This guide will help you tune your high to the frequency of your desires. So stick around as we unfold the secrets of cannabis consumption and how to tailor it to your vibe.

The Basics of Cannabis Consumption

When it comes to getting high, you’ve got two main tickets to ride: smoking marijuana or edible cannabis. These methods are like two different doors leading to rooms with similar parties but different vibes.

Smoking Marijuana: The Fast Track

Lighting up a joint or taking a drag from a pipe is one of the oldest ways to enjoy cannabis. It’s straightforward: you smoke, the THC hits your lungs, and boom; you feel the effects almost immediately. It’s like flicking a switch and seeing the room light up.

This method is ideal for folks who want that instant change in scenery, that quick shift from their current state to a high that’s as rapid as it is brief.

Edible Cannabis: The Slow Burn

Edibles are cannabis-infused foods like brownies or gummies. They’re a whole different ball game. When you eat cannabis, it doesn’t just waltz into your bloodstream like it does when you smoke.

Instead, it takes a detour through your stomach, gets a makeover in your liver, and then enters the party. This process means you’ll be waiting longer to feel anything, but when you do, it’s like a wave that gradually takes over, offering a more prolonged, often more intense experience. Some say it’s worth the wait.

THC Concentration

Whether you smoke your cannabis or prefer it baked into a treat, THC concentration matters. Think of THC as the main event of your high. In smoked cannabis, the THC enters your system quickly, but it also leaves you quicker. With edibles, the THC is more like a time-release capsule which unveils its effects slowly, and usually more potently.

Edibles vs Smoking High: The Experience Compared

When you’re deciding between an edible or a smoking session, the time it takes to feel the effects is a game-changer. Smoke a joint, and the THC races to your brain and can get you high in minutes. This is because the smoke goes straight into your lungs and then into your bloodstream.

But with edible cannabis, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. After munching on that infused brownie, expect to wait up to an hour (or even longer) before the main event starts. This is because the THC needs to pass through your stomach and liver before it hits your brain.

Duration and Intensity of the High

Once the THC has arrived, how long it sticks around depends on how you invited it in. A smoking high can be a short guest, lingering for an hour or two before it waves goodbye.

On the flip side, an edible high doesn’t just crash on your couch. It spends the night and maybe even stays for breakfast. You’re looking at a high that can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, sometimes even more.

And not just the duration, but the intensity of an edible high can be stronger, too. That’s because when you eat THC, it turns into a more potent chemical in your liver.

Control and Predictability

Smoking marijuana gives you a bit more control over your high. You can take a puff or two and decide that’s enough. But once you’ve eaten that edible, you’re on the ride until it’s over.

Plus, smoking gives you a predictable high, like riding your favorite roller coaster. You know the turns and drops by heart. Edibles are more like a new amusement park. You’re not quite sure what’s around the corner.

The Physical Feel

Here’s where personal preference really comes into play. Smoking can be tough on the lungs, and some people just don’t like the feeling or the coughing that can follow.

Edibles skip the respiratory system altogether. The trade-off? Edibles can sometimes feel more intense in the body, making them great for those who seek a deep, relaxing experience.

Personalizing Your High

The kind of high you want starts with the strain of cannabis you choose. Sativa strains are like a cup of morning coffee, they tend to make you feel more alert and uplifted. On the flip side, Indica strains are the comfy blanket of weed, offering a more relaxed and sedative effect.

And let’s not forget about hybrids that mix the best of both worlds. Whether you’re smoking marijuana or biting into an edible, your strain sets the stage for the experience.

THC vs CBD Levels

The two big stars in cannabis are THC and CBD. THC is the headliner if you’re chasing that high.

But not everyone wants to soar through the clouds. Some folks prefer a milder vibe, which is where CBD comes into play. It doesn’t get you high but can bring a sense of calm.

When you pick a product, whether it’s baked weed treats or a vape pen, check the ratio of THC to CBD. More THC means a stronger high, while more CBD means less psychoactive effects.

Dosage is Key

Here’s where the saying “less is more” really makes sense. With edibles especially, the amount you consume needs careful consideration. Start low, go slow is the mantra here.

Since edibles take longer to kick in, it’s easy to overdo it. Even the most seasoned cannabis users can find themselves in over their heads with too much THC from edibles.

Set and Setting

Your environment plays a big role in your high. Feeling safe and comfortable can make the difference between a good time and a not-so-great experience. This is true for both smoking and edibles.

Plus, who you’re with matters. Good company can lift the experience, while the wrong crowd can dampen the vibes.

The Health Perspective

When you’re thinking about whether to smoke or eat your cannabis, it’s smart to consider what it’ll do to your body. The health angle is as crucial as the high itself.

Smoking can hit your lungs hard. The heat, the tar, and the smoke can irritate and harm your lung tissue over time.

Eating cannabis is easier on your breathing system since it travels through your stomach. But, it demands more from your liver because that’s where THC gets processed before it hits your brain. This means your body works harder internally with edibles, even if you don’t feel it on the outside. 

Healthy Alternatives

Vaping has been eyed as a cleaner alternative to smoking, and for a good reason. It eliminates the combustion and could be less harmful when opting for pure flower instead of concentrates. But here’s the twist: when it comes to enjoying cannabis healthily, we’ve got more options than ever before.

While bongs and joints still have their fans, it’s the innovations beyond smoking that are exciting. Sublingual products, like tinctures and films, bring you the best of both worlds; faster onset than edibles without the smoke. They’re discreet and precise, and let you enjoy the benefits of cannabis with just a drop or a strip.

For those seeking relief without the high, topicals are a game-changer. They may not provide the buzz associated with other methods, but for many, that’s a plus. They deliver the therapeutic benefits of cannabis directly to where it’s needed, all while keeping the mind clear.

For therapeutic use without the psychoactive effects, suppositories infused with marijuana offer an alternative that’s gaining ground for their effectiveness and discretion. Whether it’s THC or CBD-infused, these products provide targeted, efficient absorption via rectal or vaginal tissues. They offer a discreet and potent option for pain relief or to soothe inflammation.

Listen to Your Body

Every person’s body reacts differently to THC, whether it’s from smoking or edibles. Paying attention to how you feel during and after getting high can give you a lot of clues. Some folks find that smoking makes them feel rough the next day, while others might notice that edibles make them feel too groggy.

It’s all about listening to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Choosing the method that gives you a good high without the not-so-good side effects is the best route to enjoying cannabis healthily.

Craft Your Ideal High with Sacred Bloom

So, edibles vs smoking high? Whether you gravitate towards the smoked sophistication of a quick hit or the slow, rolling waves of edibles, your perfect high is a personal masterpiece. Here at Sacred Bloom, we stand at the ready to help you curate that masterpiece.

With our hand-curated marijuana products and the wisdom of budtenders trained to align your desires with the right cannabis experience, we’re more than a dispensary; we’re your partners in the craft. So why wait? Book a consultation with us today and let Sacred Bloom’s experts guide you to your ideal cannabis encounter.

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