What Is the Best Weed for Anxiety? 10 Strains for Choose From

What Is the Best Weed for Anxiety? 10 Strains for Choose From

If you are looking for the best weed for anxiety, this guide is for you. Learn about 10 helpful strains based on user reviews.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition in people. There are more than 300 million diagnoses worldwide, an estimated 4 percent of the global population. 

More people are turning to cannabis products as alternatives to traditional medicine for treating anxiety. That is because it is effective and lacks the serious side effects and exorbitant cost of many powerful medications. 

Not all cannabis products have the same impacts on the body. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best weed for anxiety. While most cannabis can combat this condition, there are specific marijuana strains that are especially adept at doing so.  

This article covers how cannabis can help anxiety and 10 strains (in no particular order) that all have calming, relaxing, and uplifting effects. Keep reading to find out which one might be right for you. 

How Cannabis Combats Anxiety

Before getting to the recommendations, it is worth exploring exactly how and why cannabis can alleviate stress. The physiological explanation is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in marijuana, activates CB1 receptors in the brain.

This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters. Common ones include serotonin, l-glutamate, noradrenaline, and dopamine. These are all involved in mood regulation. 

Cannabis also impacts the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is pivotal to the regulation of stress. It is what is responsible for our “fight-or-flight” response to various external situations.

Cannabis can help modulate this response. This reduces the release of stress hormones like cortisol. This produces calm in an otherwise distressing environment.   

The Best Weed for Anxiety

There are lots of cannabis strains that can help assuage feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. However, some are better than others. Here are our recommendations for the best weed for anxiety. 

1. Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. It has a THC level of about 22 percent. 

This modest concentration allows Apple Fritter to produce a powerful yet relaxing high. It also means it leans more toward the “heady” high experience. This can be ideal for anyone looking to improve creativity and concentration while combatting anxiety. 

Apple Fritter has a wide variety of terpenes, including humulene and the fairly rare farnesene. That is important because of the “entourage effect.” This is the theory that the full spectrum of the cannabis plant works together to achieve results that would not be possible through individual compounds. 

Terpenes also produce specific flavors and aromas. For Apple Fritter, these include sweet, woody scents, with a hint of apples. It is balanced with a little spice and pepper as well.  

2. All Gas OG

All Gas OG, also referred to as “Asphalt Plant,” is an indica-dominant strain that crosses another indica-heavy hybrid, Venom OG, with Humboldt, an Afghani strain. 

All Gas OG has between 21 and 25 percent THC. It will produce effects that are more sleepy than stimulating, which makes it proficient at combating anxiety. It is widely used in medicinal marijuana to treat muscle spasms and stress, as well as for appetite stimulation. 

All Gas OG has a flavor profile similar to Diesel, with earthy aromas. Its main terpene is myrcene, which is the same compound that produces a spicy balsam fragrance in beer. 

3. Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is another indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Triangle Kush–an indica strain–with Animals Mints, which has a pungent aroma. In Canada, Wedding Cake also goes by the name “Pink Cookies.”

Wedding Cake provides a relaxing euphoric effect. It has a rich, tangy flavor profile, with undertones of earthy pepper. 

In addition to relieving the symptoms of anxiety, it also is an effective treatment for chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. For these reasons, it too is a popular choice for many medical marijuana prescriptions.  

It does typically have a higher THC concentration of 25 percent or more. For this reason, it is quite effective, but new users should be especially cautious of its potency. 

4. Jack Herer

Also called “The Jack,” “Premium Jack,” and “JH” for short, Jack Herer is a strain created in the Netherlands in the 1990s. It is named after the renowned cannabis rights activist. It combines Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk (both resinous and hardy) with a Haze hybrid. 

One of only a handful of sativa-dominant strains on this list, Jack Herer is both energetic and uplifting, which is great for combating anxiety. It is spicy with pine-scented aromas. 

Given its mishmash hybrid makeup, you can find different versions of this strain, with varying levels of THC potency. In addition to being a prominent medical marijuana strain, JH has won many awards due to its high quality. 

5. Blue Dream

Another sativa-dominant hybrid that is very effective at treating anxiety is Blue Dream. It is made by crossing a popular low-THC indica strain, Blueberry, with a low-THC sativa, OG Haze. It originated in California in the 1960s and became one of the most sought-after strains on the West Coast and beyond.

Its widespread popularity has much to do with its low THC level–around 18 to 20 percent–combined with a low concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). Higher levels of CBD can counteract some of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. This combination (low THC and low CBD) makes Blue Dream suitable for new and seasoned users alike. 

This also helps Blue Dream produce a very balanced high, with cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. It gets its name from the flavors and aromas of sweet berries it produces. 

6. OG Kush

Another classic type of cannabis, and one that is fantastic at combatting anxiety, is OG Kush. It was first created in Florida in the 1990s.  

The exact origins of OG Kush are unclear. However, most people believe it was cultivated by crossing the pure-indica Hindu Kush from Amsterdam with another hybrid, Chemdawg, and a Hawaiian-Thai sativa called Lemon Thai. 

OG Kush is about 45 percent indica and 55 percent sativa. Like Blue Dream, OG Kush has almost zero CBD.  

OG Kush combines an uplifting cerebral high with extreme relaxation. It is effective at combatting anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression.

It also is very good at alleviating pain. It has lemon and earthy aromas, as well as subtle hints of pine and citrus. 

7. Granddaddy Purple

Also known as “Purple Daddy” or “GDP,” this indica strain gets its name from the flower’s deep purple blooms. It also is very aromatic with notes of grape and berry. 

GDP is renowned for its copious yields in a very short growing duration. Like other options on this list, GDP combines cerebral euphoria with physical relaxation. Its effects are discernible in both mind and body.  

This makes it a popular option for anyone looking to combat stress and anxiety. It also is great for treating muscle spasms and chronic pain.  

8. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is perhaps one of the best-known indica strains available. It is made by crossing Thai Stick–a sativa strain–with Afhani, a potent indica. 

Northern Lights plants are known for having a prolific output and an even faster growing time than GDP. They can be ready for harvest in only 45 days. 

Northern Lights produces a relaxing high in both mind and body. It is fantastic for easing worrying or racing thoughts. Due to its low THC and CBD concentrations, it can have long-lasting effects without being overpowering.  

9. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is another pure indica strain that derives from the Hindu Kush Mountains on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Few other options on this list are as heavily sedating as this one, due in part to its flowers’ high resin content. It can calm nerves and evoke a strong sense of deep tranquility.  

Afghan Kush has relatively low THC–around 15 percent. It produces feelings of calm and cheerfulness. In this way, it can lift mood and tamp down racing thoughts.  

Afghan Kush has a robust terpene composition. It has subtly spicy and herbaceous flavors and an earthy scent. 

10. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, or “Sour D,” is a hybrid made by crossing Super Skunk with Chemdawg. It gets its name from the vague diesel aroma it emits. Sour D was first cultivated in the early 1990s and has remained popular ever since. 

Sour Diesel is a fast-acting and energizing strain. It produces uplifting, happy effects that are great for anxiety and stress relief.

In lower doses, Sour D can be useful in daytime scenarios. It has the added benefit of boosting creativity and imagination without the sluggishness of more indica-heavy strains on this list.  

Find the Best Weed for Anxiety Near You

Now that you know the best weed for anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as the unique benefits of each strain, you can decide which one is right for you. With so many options to choose from, you can be sure there is one that can meet your health needs and lifestyle.  

Sacred Bloom provides only the highest quality recreational cannabis products to the Binghamton area. We also carry a variety of strains that are proven to provide anxiety help. Stop in or go online to set up a free cannabis consultation today. 


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