Brand: High Garden

High Garden SS Pure Live Resin Cartridge- Sour Diesel 1mL


Created using only flower that has been flash frozen immediately upon harvest to preserve all cannabinoids and terpenes, providing users with a full cannabis experience. Enjoy full flower flavors and sensations conveniently on-the-go with High Garden’s 1mL Pure Live Resin cartridges. Do what’s natural.

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

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About the brand :
High Garden

Using state of the art techniques ensures the quality that High Garden is known for, exceptional cannabis that doesn’t cut corners. Light deprivation methods are utilized allowing plants to reach their full potential in a controlled environment dialed in to their needs, in doing so we have created a process that keeps sustainability high and environmental impact, low.

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