Brand: Hepworth

Hepworth SFV OG Vape Cartridge 1g


Introducing Hepworth’s SFV OG 1g Vape Cartridge: A Symphony of Pine, Cit

rus, and

Relief. Our SFV OG Vape Cartridge encapsulates the essence of this remarkable strain, offering

an earthy aroma with prominent notes of pine and citrus. Indulge in the revitalizing and soothing

effects of SFV OG, as you experience unparalleled pain

relief and a gentle, uplifting euphoria.

With Hepworth's SFV OG Vape Cartridge, you can expect a smooth and flavorful vaping

experience, delivering the signature SFV OG effects in a convenient and portable format.

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

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