Brand: Empire Hemp CO

Empire Hemp Co. Cherry Lime Slush Flower 3.5g


Introducing our Cherry Lime Slush, a meticulously crafted Hybrid strain born from the unique combination of Cherry Lime Soda and Froyo. This distinctive blend is designed for those who cherish a balance between the invigorating effects of a Sativa and the calming embrace of an Indica. Cherry Lime Slush stands out for its unique aromatic journey and flavor profile, reminiscent of your favorite summertime refreshment.

Key Features:

- Hybrid Harmony: A balanced blend of Cherry Lime Soda and Froyo strains, offering the best of both worlds for a harmonious effect.

- Complex Aroma and Flavor: Initially represents a quirky scent akin to a "Swiss cheesy Sprite", evolving to reveal a dominant artificial cherry lime candy flavor, much like a slurpee, as it matures.

- Unique Terpene Profile: Expect a burst of cherry lime candy slurpee terpenes, delivering a nostalgic and delightful taste experience.

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

- Versatile Effects: Enjoy the uplifting and energizing influence of its Sativa heritage, smoothly transitioning into the comforting calmness provided by its Indica side.

- Freshness Ensured: Encased in a 3.5g tin with N2 Freshlock technology, ensuring the preservation of its vibrant terpene profile, potency, and freshness.

Cherry Lime Slush is the perfect choice for those seeking a nuanced and enjoyable cannabis experience, blending the nostalgic flavors of a cherry lime slurpee with the sophisticated effects of a premium hybrid strain. Whether you're looking to inspire creativity or simply unwind with a touch of nostalgia, Cherry Lime Slush promises a memorable and satisfying journey

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