Brand: ElectraLeaf

Electraleaf Mafia Funeral PreRoll 1g


Mafia Funeral is a cross of Garlic Grove 55 and The Menthol hunted by ALTVM and bred by acclaimed breeders, Compound Genetics. The strain profile offers a mixture of its direct ancestors, with a wide flavors range among which orange soda, cookies, gelato notes and general TSO’s Chicken nuances along with sour garlic notes in a gas background. These aromas and flavors create a truly an explosive combination. Expect a powerful effect and scandalous flavors. This strain is a true celebration of hybrid effects, perfect for a daytime hike or a day relaxing at home with a good book or some Netflix. But be warned, this strain is not for beginners, it’s some heavy-duty stuff. So, if you’re looking to get lit with the bosses, grab some of this Mafia Funeral and pay your respects to your stress.

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