Brand: Tune | Infused Seltzers

Tune Blackberry Cardamom 12oz THC Seltzer 10mg Single


"10mg Infused Seltzer - Made with Real Juice - Sweetened with Honey - Low Calorie

Get ready to vibe with the freshest summer jam in a can – introducing our Blackberry Cardamom 10mg infused seltzer. We've blended succulent blackberries and blueberries with a dash of cardamom spice, creating a symphony of flavors that hits all the right notes. With each sip, you'll groove to 10mg of THC, real fruit goodness, and a hint of honey, all wrapped up in a low-calorie package. No hangovers, just pure jammin' enjoyment."

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

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About the brand :
Tune | Infused Seltzers

Welcome to Tune, where every sip is a harmony of flavor and relaxation. Founded by farmers turned cannabis enthusiasts, we're all about quality ingredients and good vibes. Our 10mg cannabis-infused seltzers are flavored with real juice and sweetened with honey, offering a low-calorie treat that hits the spot. With fast-acting cannabis, you'll be tuning in to relaxation in just 15 minutes, perfect for a backyard BBQ, couch hangs with friends, or beachside chilling. So grab a can, tune in, and let the good times roll with Tune.

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