Brand: Ithaca Organics Cannabis Co.

Ithaca Organics Hella Jelly Flower 3.5g


Hella Jelly is a sativa dominant hybrid of the delicious Verry Cherry and Notorious THC cultivars bred by Humboldt Seed Company. This high-powered sativa offers a sweet cherry berry taste with notes of grapes and tropical mango jelly. The aroma mirrors the flavor, featuring mango overtones complemented by hints of fresh fruity strawberries and a punch of sour citrus. Consumers can anticipate an energizing and motivating experience, coupled with a boost in creativity, feelings of happiness, euphoria, and focus.

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

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About the brand :
Ithaca Organics Cannabis Co.

Ithaca Organics family farm has been growing certified-organic food and hemp for the Tompkins County community for decades. Now, they also grow small-batch, premium, cannabis imbued with the famed terroir of the NY Finger Lakes region.

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