Brand: Florist Farms

Gelato 41 | Liquid Live Resin Cartridge | 0.5g


Calling all artists, musicians, writers, and creative-people (isn’t that everyone?), we’ve got you with this Gelato #41. This hybrid strain mixes the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria that really gets the creative juices flowing. The lavender, berry, and hint of black pepper flavor and aroma shine strong in this Live Resin Sauce Cart!

Proudly serving the Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, and Owego area in New York!

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About the brand :
Florist Farms

Florist Farms, located in Cortland, New York, is all about responsible, organic farming. We grow over 100 types of organic vegetables and 60 cannabis strains. No chemicals or pesticides here – we're all about nurturing the land with cover cropping and smart crop rotation. Our goal is simple: make the soil better, not worse. And when it comes to our products, we're into sustainability. You'll find our cannabis in eco-friendly packaging. Florist Farms isn't just a farm; it's a practical, down-to-earth example of regenerative agriculture. Welcome to our sustainable, straightforward approach to farming.

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