Brand: TONIC

Sessions Gary Payton Prerolls .5g 5pk


Gary Payton is a balanced hybrid strain that delivers quick euphoric effects on the onset. Those uplifting, heady effects are balanced by a relaxing vibe that takes the edge off and promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing. Gary’s euphoric and relaxing effects have made it one of the most widely sought after strains. Enjoy a smooth smoke with an earthy, peppery/musky flavor with refreshing citrus notes. Pairs well with: hanging out & watching tv; cleaning the house; spending time in nature; stretching or yoga



About the brand :

TONIC is a woman owned, NY born-and-bred brand that has been creating original, innovative, farm-to-shelf cannabinoid products for mind, body and vibe since 2017. We are driven by our love for the plant, the people who consume it, and the earth that provides it. Our products and practices are a reflection of those values, through and through. TONIC’s products seek to embody the spirit of Recreational Wellness™️ - recognizing that fun, joy, and leisure are all key parts of wellness. We are all about creating new ways for people to connect and relate to the cannabis plant - from fun to functional - and acknowledging that wellness is all consumption is centered around wellness… even if its recreational!

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