Brand: MFNY

Gelato #41 | Live Resin Badder (1g)


MFNY’s Gelato #41 Live Resin badder is a premium concentrate made in house, using a hydrocarbon extraction method. It starts with our best, in-house grown Gelato 41 buds. We flash freeze our plants right after harvest to lock in all the trichome-and-terpene-rich goodness (this is the “Live” part of Resin). Gelato #41 is known for it’s earthy aroma with hints of lavender and pine and sweet sherbet flavor. Potent with THC, it has relaxing and focusing effects. Live Resin badder concentrate has a soft, butter-like texture for an easy-to-use, super enjoyable experience. Our Live Resin concentrates are exclusively single-source and produced at the highest of standards in our state-of-art laboratory space, using scientific precision and years of experience, which we’ve proudly gathered together in New York's Hudson Valley.



About the brand :

MFNY is an award winning single-source cannabis company from New York.

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