Chef for Higher Coconut Oil Tincture 240mg


Coconut Oil provides high bioavailability which makes it great for topical uses, as well as, cooking and baking. In the kitchen, it can be a replacement for butter, and some oils, especially for your baking needs.

Chef For Higher is the first culinary lifestyle company founded in NY and cultivated for this moment in the medicinal plant movement. CFH uses the universal language of food to normalize the use of cannabinoids as an essential for optimal human health and holistic well-being.

Chef For Higher cooking essentials are infused at low temp so as to not degrade the natural beneficial properties or taste. We have standardized the bottle and dose (except seasonal and specialty items) to make measuring easier.

4 oz (120ml) bottle with 240 mg

(1 tsp = 10 mg, 1 tbsp = 30 mg)

Responsible consumption through proper dosing. Start with 1 teaspoon. Effects can take up to two hours, so don’t rush to take more, go low and slow until you know your tolerance.

• Food or topical use.

• CFH uses include baking, bulletproof coffee, and magic shell for ice cream.

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